Small Business Jump Start: The Rapid Recovery System

There is no doubt this is a trying time for small businesses whether online or offline.

Major corporations, big box stores, groceries, and drugstore chains haven’t felt the effect of Covid-19 like small businesses, entrepreneurs, and Mom and Pop stores.

It makes no sense and yet here we are.

Brian Hill and Dee Power have helped thousands of small and mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs through our four businesses books, business plan consulting services, presentations, seminars, and our website. And we're here to help you with our:

Welcome to a Businessperson's Worst Nightmare

Let's just call it The Situation, no matter whose fault it was, how it happened or why. Nearly every business in the United States, large or small, has been drastically and negatively affected by the COVID-19 virus outbreak and the subsequent restrictions imposed on businesses and consumers by Federal, state, and city governments.

About 87% of Small Business Owners report that their firms have been hurt by the COVID outbreak. --(Source: WalletHub)

It is likely these negative effects will continue to some degree for months and perhaps even years, because so much damage had been done to the economy. But that doesn't mean your business cannot succeed in the future. It just means your business will be operating in a different environment than before. A changed environment. And you must change along with it, including changes to the strategies you have used to build your business to the level of success it has already reached.

What Makes Small Business Jump Start: The Rapid Recovery System Special?

A System for reinventing yourself and your business for even greater success.

business planInspiration for you and your journey to create your company 2.0

excel spreadsheetA format for completing a quick tune up of your business

goals and objectivesA rapid recovery plan that require no prior business planning experience

The silver lining in this Situation is you have the opportunity to choose how you want your business to proceed. You have the time to look at what helped you succeed in the past and how that success will push you forward in the future.

business planWant to change your product lineup? Now is the time to do it.

business planImprove your employee relations? Now is the time to do it.

business planChallenge your competitors? Now is the time to do it.

business planManage your time more wisely? Now is the time to do it.

What is included in the Small Business Jump Start: The Rapid Recovery System

Buy only the module you need or get special pricing when you download all foru modules.

plr packagesRapid Recovery Business Plan Guide: Complete Your Business Plan in 15 Days

You don't need a Master's degree in Finance to complete this quick business plan
to jumpstart your recovery program.

Each day has a task.

Finish each task and at the end of the 15 days you've completed your plan.

plr packages

Rapid Recovery Business Plan Workbook

A daily workbook with blank sections for each day's assignment.

Daily Email Reminders for 15 Days

All three something or other are incuded for $14.95. you receive the Business Plan Guide, the Workbook and Daily Email Reminders for $14.95

plr packages

How to Set Goals and Objectives for Success Guidebook

Every business needs goals and objective for success.

This guidebook not only explains how to set goals, objectives, strategies and action plans but gives you examples as well. This module is $14.95

plr packages

Excel Monthly Profit and Loss Forecast Template

Number crunching isn't anybody's favorite activity, but knowing where you stand as far as revenues, expenses and profit is critical for success.

This template makes it easier for you. Only $14.95

Huge Discount if you want all of the modules. You could spend $44.85 is you purchased each module separatey. purchase the entire system for ONLY $27.00

Rapid Recovery Business Plan Guide

plr packagesTo help you with the transition back to success, we have created this Rapid Recovery Plan guidebook. You probably created a Business Plan one or more times over the course of your business career. You may have created a Plan when you first started your company or when you were seeking capital for your venture and lenders or investors asked to see your Plan. But even if you have never created a Plan before, this guidebook should help you. It is not meant to be the type of thorough Plan for presentation to investors, for example. This Plan will not require nearly that much time to create. It is designed to be an internal Plan that can be prepared quickly while you are still experiencing downtime or slow times in your business.

And importantly, this guidebook also prescribes a much FASTER planning process that would be required in a typical Business Plan. We have selected 15 Days, with tasks assigned for each day. But you may be able to complete all the tasks in a week, or two days. It just depends on your current schedule and the business responsibilities you have.

The format of this Rapid Recovery Plan, as with all the plans we help our clients create, is an easy-to-follow question and answer format. As you answer the questions in the 15-Day Plan, just go with whatever thoughts come to mind. Don't worry about organizing them until later. Get as much down on paper as the time you have allotted to the planning process each day allows. You can absolutely create this Rapid Recovery Plan even if you have never written a Business Plan before.

You will see at the end of each day's section, we have a template for you to summarize Key Takeaways and Amazing Insights.

Here you will review Your Answers to the Questions in this day's section and list the key things you learned or discovered or want to change about your business.

We left five spaces for these Key Takeaways and Amazing Insights, but you don’t have to limit yourself to five. Some sections, you might list 10 or 15 or more!

And next comes:

Bright Ideas and Super Strategy: Actions Required for Rapid Recovery Now you will describe specific action plans to implement these ideas, strategies and changes. An action plan includes the time frame for its completion, and who is responsible for making sure the action plan gets done.

Again, we left five spaces for these Bright Ideas and Super Strategy, but you don’t have to limit yourself to five. Some sections, you might list 10 or 15 or more!

At the end of the 15 sections, you will have at least 75 Key Takeaways and 75 Bright Ideas—that’s a total of 150+ Ways to Improve Your Company.

Rapid Recovery Business Plan Day by Day

Introduction: Welcome to a Businessperson's Worst Nightmare Days 1-5 Where Are You Now?

Day 1 The Airing of Grievances

Day 2 Your Life and Times, Your Fears and Hopes

Day 3 Let's Get Positive: Rekindling Your Original Passion for Being a Business Owner

Day 4 Reinventing You and Your Business: MY COMPANY 2.0

Day 5 Rethinking Your Work Environment for Greater Productivity

Days 6-9 Where You Want to Be Transforming Your Small Business

Day 6 Reimagining Your Vision and Reinventing Your Company's Mission

Day 7 Take A Snapshot of Your Company: What Do You See?

Day 8 Industry Outlook, Competitive Outlook, and Then There's Our Old Buddy the Government

Day 9 What Do You Want to Change About Yourself and Your Business?

Days 10-15 Rapid Recovery Is On the Horizon! How You Can Get There!

Day 10 Specific and Quantifiable Goals

Day 11 Business Model AKA Money-Making Model

Day 12 Revisiting Your Products and Services: Enhancing the Benefits Your Provide Your Customers

Day 13 Marketing: Let's Welcome Those Customers Back!

Day 14 Management: Making You and Your Team the Best It Can Be

Day 15 Forecasting a Brighter Future

Rapid Recovery Business Plan Workbook

plr packagesA separate word document for each day with blank spaces for that day's Key Takeaways and Amazing Insights and Bright Ideas and Super Strategy Actions required for Rapid Recovery.

The workbook allows you to add or delete ideas without altering the Business Plan Guide Book itself.

It gives you the opportunity 3, 6, or 12 months down the road to look at what worked in each specific area and what didn't work.

Copy the workbook to keep a spare clean copy for later to use when you want to revise your plan.

Daily Email Reminders

Everybody needs a nudge to keep on track. It's not mandatory but if you provide your email address, we'll send you a reminder each day with that day's assignment. Of course we'll keep your email confidential.

How to Set Goals and Objectives for Success Guide

plr packagesThis 14 page guide How to Set Goals and Objectives for Success goes into more detail than the Rapid Recovery Business Plan Guide on setting goals, objectives, strategies and action plans.

What are the goals for your business? Yes, business, whether you're an Internet marketer, graphic designer, software developer, writer or the owner of a small business you need to establish goals and objectives. The fundamental question every business owner needs to ask themselves is: What do you hope to accomplish and when?

Goals can be defined as what you want your business to be when it grows up. One way of setting goals is to describe your business one year from now. Envision the success you have had. How much are you earning? What are your major sources of revenue? What have you accomplished over that time period? What are you most proud of? The rest of the goal setting process is mapping out what needs to be accomplished to move your business toward this ideal future.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Setting Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans

What Are Goals

Choosing the Right Goals for You

Several Examples of Goals

Determining Objectives to Measure Your Goals

Examples of Objectives

Turning Your Goals Into Reality With Strategies

Examples of Strategies

Developing Action Plans to Support Your Strategies and Send You On Your Way to Success

Examples of Action Plans

Put Your Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans On Paper


Excel Monthly Profit and Loss Forecast Template

plr packagesAs a bonus we've included a forecast template in an easy to use Excel spreadsheet. The categories are already set up for you, as is the math.

Adjust the categories to fit your business. You might want to keep a clean copy as a backup for when you want to revise your forecast.

The spreadsheet can also be used to track your actual revenues and expenses.

More About Brian Hill and Dee Power

business planAn established track record of publication in different media, venues and niches

business planExperience interviewing experts in a myriad of fields

business planBeen vetted and published by major book publishing companies

business planSubstantial experience in a variety of industries as a consultant or advisor

business planWritten hundreds of business plans, which include marketing and growth strategies for companies located in a number of different countries.

business planDeveloped presentations for Angel Investor Groups, Colleges, Graduate Colleges, Business groups, Small Business Development Centers, Venture Capital Conferences.

Who We Are

The authors of Small Business Jump Start: The Rapid Recovery System are small business people, too. They've been in the publishing business for nearly two decades. And have owned their business consulting firm for even longer than that. They were Internet pioneers who saw in the 1990's the opportunity to use the worldwide web to build national and global clientele for a service business.

Brian Hill and Dee Power have been professional writers for more than 20 years, specializing in the exciting topics of how to achieve personal and business success. Their portfolio of credits includes books, print and online articles, weekly columns, novels and screenplays.

They are the authors of four popular business and finance books: “The Making of a Bestseller,” “Inside Secrets to Venture Capital,” “Attracting Capital from Angels” and “The Pocket Small Business Owner’s Guide to Business Plans.” They are co-founders of a Phoenix, Arizona based consulting firm that specializes in helping business owners plan their companies and write their business plans. The firm's client list includes companies in all regions of the US and internationally.

They are nationally-known experts on venture capital and have been interviewed more than 70 times in print and online business media including Entrepreneur magazine, Business Journals in nine different cities, Smart Money magazine, USA Today, Business Week online and Investor's Business Daily. They has been interviewed on radio and TV programs more than 30 times.

Between them, Brian and Dee have written several hundred articles on business management, personal finance, travel and leisure that have appeared in Yahoo! Finance,, USA Today, The Motley Fool investment website and the Houston Chronicle and Arizona Republic newspapers' online editions. These articles cover a wide range of topics, from timely stocks to invest in to how to improve your golf game. In keeping with their professional background, their novels and screenplays, in the thriller, comedy and action/adventure genres, which have been recognized in numerous writing competitions, often have heroes who are small business owners.

How Much Is the Rapid Recovery System Going to Cost You?

What is it worth to you to get your business up and running again better than ever?

Don't worry. While we could charge -- and it would be well worth it - - hundreds of dollars for this content, we know what's it's like to run a small business on tight budget.

You won't pay $297, $197 or even $97. For a limited time only the entire Rapid Recovery System is only $37. That's not a typo. You read it right. From now until labor day the price is $37. On September 7, 2020, Labor Day, the price increases to its permanent price of $97.

So what are you waiting for. Get your business back on track. All four modules are included.

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